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Silky Terrier

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The Silky Terrier were originated in Australia in the 1890, when imported Yorkshire Terriers were crossed with with their native Australian Terriers. Some of the offspring looked like Australian Terriers some looked like Yorkie’s, and others looked like the Silky terrier of today. The Silky-looking dogs were interbred until the puppies predictably had Silky traits.


This breed was originated in Australia basically although the ancestral types and breeds were  from Great Britain. Early on the Silky Terrier had an attractive tan and steel blue coloration, which was having crossed  with blue and tan Australian Terriers to enhance its color of the coat while retaining its reality. Sydney Silky was The most popular name for the breed in Australia Terrier, but in 1955 it was changed to the Australian Silky Terrier. In 1955 the Sidney Silky Terrier Club of America held its first meeting. this first meeting later changing its club name to the Silky Terrier Club of America.


body silky

The clever Silky Terrier can be mischievous and has a tendency to bark excessively The Silky Terrier’s refined body, which is long compared to its height, enables the silky terrier to have a light-footed and free gait. Originally the silky terrier bred was to terminate small rodents, and the miniature variety of a working terrier retains the features required for a vermin hunter. The expression of a silky terrier is keen, and its colur is blue and tan coat. It is straight and glossy. It has a countering body instead of falling to the ground. It is not like any other soft lapdog.

Life Span: 12 to 15 years
Height : 23 to 26 cm
Origin : Australia
Date of origin: Late 1800
Original function: Companion, small vermin hunting



It is feisty, curious, playful and bold. Because of these characteristic some Silky Terriers are also known to be scrappy towards other pets or dogs. The silky terrier is a miniature version of a working terrier, and so it retains the essential features of a vermin hunter. It is somewhat taller and longer and though of refined bone. So silky terrier have sufficient strength that it could kill small rodents. It is free and light footed in expression. Silky terrier is silky ,straight and has single coat of glossy . Silky terrier is playful, bold ,inquisitive, feisty, and ever ready for action. It is aggressive towards other dogs and pets stubborn and clever and barks a lot.


diet silky

For a Silky Puppy

Puppies should be feed up to three times a day till they are of 3 months and after that they can be fed 2 times a day. If they are fed with dry kibbles they must be grind ed and soaked in water and goats milk to soften this as to make it easy to swollen by small puppies. Puppies need about 1/8 to 1/4 cup a day.

For A Grown up Terrier-

As a silky puppy grows he will become less active as compared to a puppy and will require less diet .Adjustment in the content of protein he gets might be needed as organs can become less efficient in dealing with food. Recommended daily amount is 1/2 to 3/4 cup of  good-quality dry food a day which is divided into two meals.


groom silk

The Silky Terrier generally look like a toy, but it is a real dog and it needs daily exercise and training. When it comes to training, Silky Terriers are willing and able students. They are smart, however, we need to be consistent otherwise they will make up their own rules. The best way to get friendly with your Silky is having fun lessons with them that will act as positive reinforcement Silky terrier enjoys daily roaming and walking with person in the yard, or trips to a dog park . They are generally happy for their workout indoors with a game of fetch in the hallway.



Silky are not outdoor dogs. They like the companionship of his people, and h is small enough to be considered prey by wild animals. And the another risk is that he may fight with other dogs who gets into his area. Crate training is the easiest way to house train your Silky, and crates are also a good way to keep your Silky safe and out of trouble when you’re away from home.


You Can find a silky terrier in range of $500 to $ 650.


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