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The spotted hyena ( scientific nomenclature Crocuta crocuta), also known as laughing hyena.  Hyenas are not only  scavengers, in addition to that they  possess great intellectual skills on the hunt. One method   used by  a single hyena is by creating confusion in the herd, while the rest in the clan pick off an older or weaker member and follow the rest.

Despite of AFRICA  being increasingly overpopulated,  hyenas and humans come into frequent contact.In fact, the Maasai people of Kenya and Tanzania actually leave their dead to be eaten up by hyenas. However, these insightfult and valiant  animals  destroy food stores and crops and are accused for  human deaths. They have been a largely hunted  ruinous pests.


There are three species of hyena  brown,striped and the spotted..among which the spotted hyena is most intelligent and largest.They appear similar to dogs, but are more closely related to cats. They live throughout  Africa and eastwards through Arabia to India. Spotted hyenas live together in groups called clans that may have upto  80 individuals and are guided by females.


Spotted hyenas have good hearing and sharp eyesight at night. They are very energetic and can run miles without tiring. Hyenas work together  to far-flung a prey, sometimes the one that is ill and infirm is taken, and is  pursued to the death.

Spotted hyenas  vocal and make a wide variety of sounds,  “laughing” that has long been associated with their name.


beha hynea

The spotted hyena is a social animal which lives in large communities called clans, which can consist of up to 80 individuals.Group-size varies with geographic area.

Individual spotted hyenas only care for their own young, and males take no part in their upbringing , cubs are able to recognize their  relatives as distant  great-aunts. Also, males are more closely attached with their own daughters rather than unrelated cubs, and  are biased towards them  by acting more politely.



The spotted hyena is the most carnivorous member among all the Hyenas. Unlike its brown and striped cousins, the spotted hyena is  not a scavenger but  predator. This has been seen since the 1960’s in Africa. However spotted hyenas remain being mislabeled as scavengers, even by  and wildlife documentary channels and ecologists.


Spotted hyenas have a certain postures in communication. When scared, the ears are folded flat, and are often associated with baring of the teeth and a flattening of the mane. When strike other hyenas or wild dogs, the hyena lowers its hindquarters.


Historically, the spotted hyena was widespread all over  sub Saharan Africa. It is found in all habitats in  the most extreme desert conditions, tropical rain forests ,top of alpine mountains. Its currently distributed unevenly in many places, chiefly in West Africa.

Populations are concentrated in many protected areas and surrounding land. There is a continuous dispersal over large areas of  a few countries.



The spotted hyena is depicted in a few examples of rock art in France. A painting  depicts a hyena outlined  in profile, with two legs,  its head and front part with well distinguishable spotted colored design. Because of the specimen’s sharp profile, it is thought that the painting was originally meant to represent a wild dog , but actually it was cave bear modified as a hyena.  


Spotted hyena can costs for about 1000$ to 3000$,and the pups can costs for about 4500$.


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