St. Bernard – Cute Dog

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St. Bernard with its Master

St. Bernard:

The St. Bernard was found in 980 A.D. by a Saint named Saint Bernard de Menthon. The breed was bred by a monk by crossing of ancient Tibetan Mastiff with Great Dane, Greater Swiss Mountain dog and Great Pyrenees. These dogs were used for travelling from a very dangerous alpine path between Switzerland and Italy. These dogs are very intelligent and an excellent watch dogs. They were used as farm dogs earlier. These dogs are used as rescue dogs and are well suited for guarding.

Body Structure:

The St. Bernard dogs have a giant structure with strong and muscular appearance. The dog is priced on the basis of the height which is proportional to the weight. If these both things are in proportion the dog have the greater value. The have short and wide muzzle, and posses scissor level bite. The noes of this breed is broad with large and open nostrils. The eyes are dark in color but medium in size is set to the sides. The ears of this breed of dog are medium sized which are set high, the ears stand and drop according to the mood of the dog. The tail of this breed is strong and is broad at the base. The tail is powerful and held low only when the dog is relaxing. They have dewclaws in the rear toes which are usually removed. They have two types of coat i.e. rough and smooth. But usually both the coat types are dense. The coat colors have variety like they come in the combination of different colors. The coat color includes tan, black,brown, red, brindle, etc. with the marking of white.


St. Bernard

Temperament and Behavior:

This dog breed is extremely friendly and gentle in nature. They love to be with children and does not get irritated by there behavior. These dogs are extremely slow moving, and are obedient. They are always in an eager to please their masters and are very loyal and patient. This breed must be socialized in the initial stage so that they can cope up with other breeds and other pets.These are very easy to train and grasp things easily and quickly. The dog must be trained not to jump on the humans from its puppy hood. This breed of dog are also great watch dogs. This breed drool after having water and food. These dogs always want to know what there master expects from them. They have very high sense of smell. They can have an idea of the coming trouble or danger from there sixth sense.


The St Bernard are easy to groom let it be any type of coat. They need to be brushed and combed with the help of firm bristle brushes. They must be bathed when necessary. The shampoo must not be applied very frequently, that may cause the stripping of oil present in the coat which is resistant to water. They must be bathed using mild soaps. The eyes of these dogs must be cleaned time to time to avoid allergy and irritation. These dog shed heavily twice in a year. There are large number of accessories used to groom a pet. To know more click here!

Health Issues:

Like other dog breed this breed of dog is also healthy and fit if taken proper care. They mostly get prone to the problem of over weight, which can lead to serious collapse of bone. This can be protected by giving the dog proper exercise and food. Many of the dog get infected of Hip and Elbow Dysplasia genetically. This breed carry hereditary problem of Bone cancer in them. They also get infected of the eye problems in which the eyelids turn out or in completely. They are also prone to the heart diseases like dilated cardiomyopathy and eczema and are some times susceptible of Epilepsy.


St. Bernard Pup


The St. Bernard dogs need regular exercise to remain fit and healthy. They need to be taken on walk or jog regularly. They love to be in open place and are raised best outdoors. They must be given ample open space so that do not get obese, the overweight dogs are more prone to hip dysplasia. They are taken care in the hot weathers as it is not suited to these dogs where as these dogs enjoy the cold weather. In the summer or hot season this breed usually avoid going out in the sun, where as in the winters or cold season they enjoy fully in the yards. They coat of these dogs must be brushed on a weekly basis.


The height of this breed lies between 26 to 28 inches .


The St Bernard dogs breed weights between 50 to 90 kg.


Mother St.Bernard with puppies

Life Span:

The average life span of this breed of dog is 8 to 10 years.

Litter Size:

The St. Bernard give birth to 2 to 12 puppies but average of litter size is 6 to 8 pups.


The average price of the pup of St. Bernard is $1000.

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