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  • Kakapo Parrots

    Aug 14, 14 • 2936 Views • Birds, Large Pet BirdsNo Comments

    Kakapo Parrot: The Kakapo are also known as Owl Parrots. This breed of Parrot is flight less and are native of New Zealand. This bird is the largest parrot and the heaviest as well. This is the endanger specie with total count of 126 only. The Kakapo Parrot

  • Car Accessories for Pets

    Aug 2, 14 • 1624 Views • AnimalNo Comments

    Car Accessories for Pets Now a days pets are like family members.They are always there next to you be it watching television late night or going for a walk early in the morning. They try to show there love by greeting their owners everyday. This is the most

  • Bull Arab

    Jul 25, 14 • 4299 Views • Animal, DogsNo Comments

    Introduction to Bull Arab Dog: The Bull Arab is basically a hunter breed which was bred to hunt. This breed is a cross product of many different breeds like: Bull Terrier, Greyhound and Short-haired Pointer or the English Pointer. Since this breed was

  • Mbuna Fish

    Apr 3, 14 • 3123 Views • Fish7 Comments

    INTRODUCTION : Mbuna is that the common name for an outsized cluster of African haplochromine cichlids from Lake African nation. The name mbuna suggests that “rockfish” within the language of the Tonga folks of African nation. because the name

  • Badger

    Mar 28, 14 • 3198 Views • Amazing Pets, Animal6 Comments

    Mammal yank badgers square measure engineered to dig. They move dirt quicker than the other vertebrate, together with someone with a shovel! sturdy shoulders, durable claws, and partial webbing between their front toes enable them to scoop soil out quickly.