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  • St. Bernard – Cute Dog

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    St. Bernard: The St. Bernard was found in 980 A.D. by a Saint named Saint Bernard de Menthon. The breed was bred by a monk by crossing of ancient Tibetan Mastiff with Great Dane, Greater Swiss Mountain dog and Great Pyrenees. These dogs were used for

  • Poodle

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    Poodle: Poodle is a German dog breed. This breed is mostly bred in three different sizes that are Standard, Miniature and Toy breed. They are very obedient dogs and are agile as well. This breed of dog is available in different coat colors like: black, white,

  • Collie

    Collie – A Cute Guard Breed

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    Collie: The Collie is a native breed of Scotland. These were primarily used as herding dogs. They are medium sized dogs. The Collie are very friendly and energetic outdoors. Body Structure: Collie are large and strong dogs which are lean. The head of this

  • American Staffordshire Terrier

    American Staffordshire Terrier – A Guard Dog Breed

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    American Staffordshire Terrier: The American Staffordshire Terrier are well known for their strength, protective nature and courageous nature. A well bred American Staffordshire Terrier is have good nature, dependable and loyal companions. If proper care

  • Guard Dogs

    Aug 12, 14 • 3660 Views • Animal, Dogs2 Comments

    Guard Dogs: Guard Dogs are the one used as watch or attack dog’s used to keep watch on the unwanted animals and people. These dogs prevent the entry of unknown people or object to the property. The reason these breeds are best guards is the scary and

  • Golden Retriever – An Adorable Dog

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    Golden Retriever : Golden Retrievers are the most opted breed of US. These are large sized dog breed but are very cute and adorable. The Golden Retrievers were basically bred to a hunter dogs but being so cute people started keeping them as family dog. This

  • English Cocker Spaniel

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    English Cocker Spaniel : The English Cocker Spaniel have there origin in England. This breed is very playful and active. They share a affectionate bond with there owner and are loyal to the family. This breed is divided into two categories i.e. Working and

  • Dachshund – A small cute dog

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    Dachshund : Dachshunds are small and long dogs, which comes in three varieties i.e. smooth, wirehaired and longhaired. The smooth Dachshunds have short hair whereas wirehaired have rough coat with medium length hairs while the longhaired Dachshunds are soft

  • Akita Inu – One of the Cutest Dog

    Aug 6, 14 • 5378 Views • Animal, Dogs1 Comment

    Akita Inu : AH- ki- ta is the real pronunciation of the Japanese breed dog where as American used to pronounce it as a- KEE-ta Inu. This breed originated in the northern mountains of Japan. Akita is a breed now categorized into two separate varieties i.e.

  • Dog Skin Diseases

    Aug 4, 14 • 3791 Views • Animal, Dogs2 Comments

    Dog Skin Diseases: Diseases is an abnormal condition which effects the organic system or the parts of the body. It is proven by the signs which is reflected from the body. It is known as the medical condition of the body, caused by the external elements or