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  • Fish Breeding

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    In Tropical fish breeding you may realize lots of data and pointers that may be helpful once you decide to breed your tank fish, or once you suddenly notice that your tank is full of eggs. The extent of the articles varies from terribly basic introductory


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     INTRODUCTION: Eastern King-bird is known as Tyrannus Tyrannus which means tyrant or king. They are called so because of their aggressive nature. They are  one of the dominating birds and are fairly large flycatchers. Eastern King-bird are not listed as


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    INTRODUCTION: Prairie dogs emerge from their burrows in daylight to forage and feed on grasses, roots, and seeds. These charismatic, rabbit-size rodents live on North America’s prairies and open grasslands. Prairie dogs live in underground burrows,

  • American Coot

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    INTRODUCTION: The American Coot is a migratory bird that occupies most of North America.It lives in the pacific and southwestern United states and Mexico year-around and occupies more northeastern regions during the summer breeding season.In the winter they