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  • Top 10 Cat breeds in the world

    Jul 9, 14 • 3798 Views • Animal, Cats1 Comment

    Introduction : For every style of person within the world, there’s a breed of cat that may suit his or her tastes and fashion. Active or set back, downy or lean, large or petite, there are such a big amount of cats to decide on from that even “dog


    Apr 23, 14 • 3831 Views • Cats4 Comments

    INTRODUCTION: Maine Coons are typically known as the gentle giants of the cat world. They are one of the oldest natural breed in North America.. Maine coot breed is also known as long hair breed of cat. It has distinctive physical appearance and valuable

  • Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World

    Apr 2, 14 • 10055 Views • Amazing Pets, Cats6 Comments

    Cats are the best choice for human as the pets. they are adorable, cute and obedient. They are also funny, joyful and human friendly in nature. They can throw all the sorrow from your life with their happiness. This article contains the most expensive cat

  • Top 10 aggressive cat breeds in the world

    Mar 24, 14 • 86278 Views • Amazing Pets13 Comments

    Cats are one of the best pets for human. except dogs, many people love to bring a cute cat to their homes. They are such an animals which can help to overcome your sorrow in your life. But there are some different cat breeds which are more aggressive in

  • Himalayan Cat Breed

    Himalayan Cat Breed

    Mar 4, 14 • 3511 Views • Animal, Cats12 Comments

    Himalayan Cat breed is one of most lovable cat breed. They are quiet companion and energetic. They are very affectionate in nature. The interesting thing is that, these cat breeds are not from Himalaya. They are from United States and England. In 1920, this

  • Bengal Cat Breed

    Feb 28, 14 • 10994 Views • Cats10 Comments

    The Bengal cat is a hybrid cat located normally in Asia. They look like the wild cat but actually they are simple, people friendly and funny type pets. This breed is a cross between The Asian Leopard cat and domestic house cat. They have large spots, rosettes