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  • Presa Canario Dog

    Aug 20, 14 • 6622 Views • Animal, DogsNo Comments

    Presa Canario Dog: The Presa Canario Dog belongs to the Mastiff breed. This is the native breed of Canary Islands in Spain. These are very powerful and aggressive dogs.  These Presa Canario Dog are used as the catch dogs for driving the cattle and running

  • Health and Care of Dogs

    Aug 4, 14 • 1903 Views • Animal, Dogs3 Comments

    Health and Care of Dogs As human being the health and care of the dog must be the initial motive of the owner. They also require proper care to remain healthy and fit. The dogs must be treated as the family member. Different measures are taken to keep the

  • Pet Grooming Accessories

    Aug 1, 14 • 2278 Views • Animal, Dogs4 Comments

    Pet Grooming: Grooming of pets means maintaining them in sense of hygienic care and cleaning and maintaining there appearance by enhancing the looks. Grooming is done for different purposes. It is a vital part for keeping the pet healthy and increasing the

  • Containment Systems

    Aug 1, 14 • 1714 Views • Animal, DogsNo Comments

    Containment Systems: A system which creates invisible fences for the pet to let them be i the boundaries, as pets love to be in open place for play and fresh air to enjoy the freedom and explore the world. But letting them outdoors alone is not safe. As they