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  • Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog

    Jul 25, 14 • 2314 Views • DogsNo Comments

    Introduction to Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog: Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog resembles  to the longer tailed Australian cattle dog  at first glance. The Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog has square build where as the Australian Cattle Dog has rectangular build, they are slightly

  • dog behaviour

    Dog Behaviour – Body Language of a Dog

    Apr 24, 14 • 5066 Views • Amazing Pets, Dogs9 Comments

    Dog behavior is not an easy task which can be distinguished. Sometimes you think that your dog is tying to tell you something then it may be the fact that is something else altogether. It ‘s amazing that all dogs in the world communicate with each other

  • Afghan Hound

    Apr 8, 14 • 2840 Views • Dogs7 Comments

    INTRODUCTION : Afghan hound is the oldest hound breed of dog in the world. They are also called as aristocrats, its a  beautiful breed covered with silky hair which is very fine in texture. They were basically discovered back in 19th century in western