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  • Giant Schnauzer

    Giant Schnauzer

    Aug 18, 14 • 2575 Views • Animal, DogsNo Comments

    Giant Schnauzer: The Giant Schnauzer are large and this can be assumed after listening to its name. This dog breed is a larger and stronger version of Schnauzer and have there origin in Germany and were used as cattle dogs. This breed is a cross product or

  • All Dog Breeds

    Jul 30, 14 • 3062 Views • Animal, Dogs1 Comment

    All Dog Breeds:   Great Dane : It is a German breed known for its giant size. These are also called as German Mastiffs. These dogs are bred to hunt and guard but are elegant dogs. Great Pyrenees Dog : This breed is known as Pyrenean mountain dog, and is

  • Australian Cattle Dog

    Jul 24, 14 • 2164 Views • Animal, Dogs4 Comments

    Introduction: Australian Cattle Dog was first developed in 1840 by the cross of Dingoes and Collies and other herding breeds of dogs by George Elliott of Australia. This breed impressed the cattlemen by there qualities like toughness, work ethics and many

  • Basset Hound

    Apr 24, 14 • 2930 Views • Animal, Dogs4 Comments

    Basset Hound This animal is also known as Hush Puppy with a big nose and has ears which are very long. It originates in Great Britain France. The Basset Hound breed of dog is a breed with short-legged of the hound family, also they are the sixth recognized

  • English Spaniel

    Apr 11, 14 • 2729 Views • Animal, Dogs7 Comments

    INTRODUCTION: It is a dog among the spaniel family and is also known as English Springer Spaniel. He is been boosted with lots of energy and have the ability to please others. English spaniel is a medium sized but a powerful dog. He has long hanging ears and

  • Japanese Chin

    Apr 9, 14 • 2867 Views • Amazing Pets, Dogs9 Comments

    INTRODUCTION  : A perfect companion for a man Japanese Chin are very intelligent and sensible breed of dog, also called as Japanese spaniel. Their origin land is china where the basic idea behind breeding this dog is for accompanying ladies from imperial

  • Afghan Hound

    Apr 8, 14 • 2840 Views • Dogs7 Comments

    INTRODUCTION : Afghan hound is the oldest hound breed of dog in the world. They are also called as aristocrats, its a  beautiful breed covered with silky hair which is very fine in texture. They were basically discovered back in 19th century in western

  • Lhasa Apso

    Mar 14, 14 • 8170 Views • Animal, Dogs7 Comments

    The Lhasa Apso is very small hardy dog .The body length of a lhasa apso is much longer than height of this dog.The small eyes are dark brown and the two hanging ears are feathered.The front legs of a lhasa apso are straight.The back legs are quite heavily

  • BullMastiff

    Mar 11, 14 • 22136 Views • Dogs8 Comments

    Bullmastiff is a domestic dog , with a large and strong built. It appears to be 60% mastiff and 40% bulldog. The bullmastiff is gentle and quite, a devoted guardian. They need a good loving home . The are generally good with kids. They bark less but they are