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    Fox Terrier

    Jul 24, 14 • 1518 Views • Animal, Dogs1 Comment

    Introduction: Fox Terriers are originally bred to be independent hunters and are outgoing, alert and active dogs.They have minds of their own, they are very affectionate and companionable along with their intelligence and determination. Fox Terriers are...

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    Tenterfield Terrier

    Jul 19, 14 • 2800 Views • Animal, Dogs1 Comment

    Introduction: Tenterfield Terrier is an England originated breed. Dogs were mostly kept by fox hunters as they  needed a small, agile dog who can chase then from their den. Australian brought this breed as a working dog to help them in getting their land rid...


    Jul 8, 14 • 1683 Views • Animal, Dogs2 Comments

    INTRODUCTION It is pronounced as KAZE-hond.The name “KEESHOND” was named after the 18th century Dutch Patriot. The dog was the rebels symbol. The word ‘keeshond’ is a compound word  ‘Kees’ is a nickname for Cornelius, and...

  • Top 10 Brave Dogs of 2013

    Mar 26, 14 • 3820 Views • Amazing Pets, Animal, Dogs1 Comment

    Let’s discuss and see the descriptions of Top 10 Brave Dogs of 2013. They are as Cunning and Intelligent. 1. German Shepherds : The German shepherd dog Dog is well proportioned and extremely robust. The GSD features a durable, muscular, slightly...

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    Mar 20, 14 • 7820 Views • Dogs7 Comments

    INTRODUCTION The DOGUE DE BORDEAUX OR FRENCH MASTIFF is a French mastiff breed and one of the most ancient French dog. A typical brachycephalic molossoid kind of breed, the bordeaux is a very giant powerful dog with a very muscular body. This brawny has been...

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    Mar 20, 14 • 4856 Views • Animal, Dogs10 Comments

    The only noticed breed, the Dalmatian is alert and active, possessing nice endurance, speed and intelligence. Their operating and sporting heritage makes them appropriate as each a family pet or performance animal, and that they square measure usually found...

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    Labrador: The most Desirable Dog

    Mar 11, 14 • 6004 Views • Animal, Dogs7 Comments

    The Labrador dogs are also known as a gun dog. The Labradors are the popular athletic and playful dogs.Generally they behave good with kind and elder people, this makes them a friendly dog. If we talk about the dog of being athletic, then they have a very...

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