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  • dog spa

    Jun 3, 15 • 2294 Views • UncategorizedNo Comments

    Dog bathing or dog spa is a very necessary process in pet care . At first, new puppies are cuddly and smell good. But after few days, the new puppy smell became stinky puppy smell. This means it?s time for any puppy bath. Before bathing a puppy, you should

  • Most Expensive Dogs in the World

    Mar 18, 14 • 5599 Views • Amazing Pets8 Comments

    Dogs are said to be the best friends of a man. They are the loving companion ever a man can have. It is always said that a friend is one who is ready to help a man whenever he needs it. So, it is always beneficial to have such friend who remains always close

  • German Shepherd Breed

    Feb 27, 14 • 5933 Views • Dogs13 Comments

    The GERMAN SHEPHERD Dog (normally called as GSD) is one of the best dog breed in the world. These are considered as the strong, well muscled, alert, energetic dog breed. German Shepherds are also called as different names such as Alsatian, Berger Allemand.