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  • Moluccan Cockatoos

    Aug 29, 14 • 5619 Views • Large Cockatoos, X-Large Pet BirdsNo Comments

    Moluccan Cockatoos: The Moluccan Cockatoos is a common name of Salmon- Crested Cockatoo with the scientific name  Cacatua Moluccensis.  It is counted among the largest Cockatoos. The female Cockatoos are larger in size than the male of this specie. These

  • Rainforest Parrot

    Aug 20, 14 • 6068 Views • X-Large Pet BirdsNo Comments

    Rainforest  Parrot: The Rainforest Parrots are the most colorful birds found in the rainforest. They usually lives in the folks called as companies. They are kept as pet because of their ability to mimic sound at large price. These parrots are both plant and

  • Kakapo Parrots

    Aug 14, 14 • 2936 Views • Birds, Large Pet BirdsNo Comments

    Kakapo Parrot: The Kakapo are also known as Owl Parrots. This breed of Parrot is flight less and are native of New Zealand. This bird is the largest parrot and the heaviest as well. This is the endanger specie with total count of 126 only. The Kakapo Parrot