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  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – Expensive Breed

    Aug 21, 14 • 3616 Views • Animal, DogsNo Comments

    Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is an energetic and elegant toy breed.This breed of dog is one of the most famous breed in United Kingdoms. This breed of dog is very obedient and agile. They are very gentle and sweet by the

  • Poodle

    Aug 14, 14 • 285 Views • Animal, DogsNo Comments

    Poodle: Poodle is a German dog breed. This breed is mostly bred in three different sizes that are Standard, Miniature and Toy breed. They are very obedient dogs and are agile as well. This breed of dog is available in different coat colors like: black, white,

  • Miniature Schnauzer – A Cute Breed

    Aug 9, 14 • 2188 Views • Animal, DogsNo Comments

    Miniature Schnauzer: Miniature Schnauzer is a German Breed. This breed was developed by the cross of small Standard Schnauzer with Affenpinscher and poodle. This breed got there name Schnauzer by a German word “Schnauze” which means muzzle. The

  • Dachshund – A small cute dog

    Aug 6, 14 • 2526 Views • Animal, DogsNo Comments

    Dachshund : Dachshunds are small and long dogs, which comes in three varieties i.e. smooth, wirehaired and longhaired. The smooth Dachshunds have short hair whereas wirehaired have rough coat with medium length hairs while the longhaired Dachshunds are soft

  • Beagle

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    Beagle:  Beagles are the medium sized dogs and are member of Hound Family developed in Great Britain around 1830’s. They are small dogs with short legs but are longer in length. The ears are long hanging on both sides of the face. These are mostly used

  • All Dog Breeds

    Jul 30, 14 • 2636 Views • Animal, Dogs8 Comments

    All Dog Breeds Dog breeds belongs to Animalia kingdom and to Canidae family. Dog is the first ever domestic animal kept for pet, hunting and work by humans. The dog is said to be “Human’s Best Friend” as they help the human in almost every

  • Fox Terrier

    Jul 24, 14 • 1780 Views • Animal, Dogs1 Comment

    Introduction: Fox Terriers are originally bred to be independent hunters and are outgoing, alert and active dogs.They have minds of their own, they are very affectionate and companionable along with their intelligence and determination. Fox Terriers are

  • Australian Terrier

    Jul 21, 14 • 2381 Views • Animal, Dogs3 Comments

    Introduction: The Australian Terrier is affectionately known as ” Aussie” is one of the smallest in the Terrier group. It is a short legged, little dog and is sturdy. It is one of the better known breeds of Terrier. This breed was developed on

  • Tenterfield Terrier

    Jul 19, 14 • 3117 Views • Animal, Dogs1 Comment

    Introduction: Tenterfield Terrier is an England originated breed. Dogs were mostly kept by fox hunters as they  needed a small, agile dog who can chase then from their den. Australian brought this breed as a working dog to help them in getting their land rid

  • Basset Hound

    Apr 24, 14 • 2930 Views • Animal, Dogs4 Comments

    Basset Hound This animal is also known as Hush Puppy with a big nose and has ears which are very long. It originates in Great Britain France. The Basset Hound breed of dog is a breed with short-legged of the hound family, also they are the sixth recognized