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“Angel in Disguise -Talking Parrot”

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Here is the full form of a PARROT.
P-Pal , A-Attractive, R-Radical, R-Remarkable , O-Observant, T-Talented

images (2)Introduction:

Parrots or talking parrots , also known as psittacines ,are birds of the roughly 372 species in 86 genera that makes them up  the Psittaciformes, which is found in most tropical and some subtropical regions. This order is subdivided into three categories of superfamilies:

1) Psittacoidea ( ‘true’ parrots) ,  

2) Cacatuoidea (cockatoos),

3) Strigopoidea (New Zealand parrots).

Parrots generally have a pantropical distribution with many species inhabiting regions in the Southern Hemisphere. The largest diversity of parrots within the world is in South America and Australia.

images (7)Body Structure:

The characteristic features of parrots are curved bill, an upright stance, strong legs, and also the clawed zygodactyl feet. Most of the parrots are coloured differently, and some of them  are multi-coloured. In cockatoos  the plumage ranges from mostly white to black, and on the head a mobile crest of feathers looks amazing.

Types of Breed:
Macaws, Amazon parrots, cockatiels, parakeets, and cockatoos.


These parrots can understand and speak human speech or other sounds. Parrots do not have any vocal cords, so sound is accomplished by air across the mouth of bifurcated trachea. Different types of sounds are produced by changing the depth and chane in shape of trachea.

images (3)

In Nature, the seasonal changes use to create the conditions that stimulate the release in breeding sex hormones that gives the parrots the force to breed.In most parrots this force to breed is related to the warm weather and increasingly longer climate of daylight hours of spring. In detention, these parrots are spring breeders. When these parrots are fed properly then they can support multiple clutches within a long breeding season that can extend up to six months from late winter to early summer season.


Health issues & Proper care:-
1) Diet:- The biggest hazard to your parrot’s health by far, is feeding it sunflower seeds and prepared diets based on cereal grains – particularly corn.

2)  Boredom:- The second most common cause for health issues in domestic parrots is boredom and lack of stimulation. Parrots are active ,extremely intelligent and social creatures by nature. When the life of parrots become boring and they feel themselves lonely, they can often respond with self-destructive behaviour.

images (6)3 ) Accidents:- Parrots need to be allowed out of confining cages that do not offer enough space and stimulation.

4) Poorly Designed Cages, Perches And Toys

5) Aggression From Other Pets And Other Parrots:It can be dangerous when two parrots of different sizes share a perch, a cage or a play area.

Price in India:-
Scarlet Macaw: 120000 Rs
Blue and Gold Macaw: 140000 Rs
Green Winged Macaw : 150000 Rs
Hyacinth Macaw: 300000 Rs
Hanhs Macaw: 20000 Rs
frican Grey Parrot: 45000 Rs
Lutino Lovebird : 900 Rs
Peach faced Lovebird: 500 Rs
Dutch Blue Lovebird : 2000 Rs
Parakeet/Budgie: 150 Rs
Albino Budgie: 500 Rs
Half sider budgie : 1000 Rs (very rare)
English Budgie: 1000 Rs
Cockatiel: 600 Rs
White Face Cockatiel: 1000 Rs
Normal Grey Cockatiel : 600 Rs
LuTino Cockatiel : 800 Rs
Eclectus Parrot : 75000 Rs
Lorikeet : 50000 – 250000 Rs
Double yellow naped amazon : 90000 Rs
Yellow naped amazon: 75000 Rs
Amazon Parrot: 50000 Rs
Green Cheek Conure: 8000 Rs
Green Cheek Conure: 8000 Rs



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