Tenterfield Terrier

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tenterfield terrier3Tenterfield Terrier is an England originated breed. Dogs were mostly kept by fox hunters as they  needed a small, agile dog who can chase then from their den. Australian brought this breed as a working dog to help them in getting their land rid of foxes, rabbits and rats. Later this breed was found in every farm of Australia. This breed is hardy, strong, agile and very active. They have short coat which make the family companions easy to take care of the dog.
This breed of dog have tail as its unique feature as it naturally occurring bob tail can come in any length. This breed of dog is house dog, they love being in a family and can adjust in small yards.


tenterfield terrier7Appearance:

This small and smoothed coated breed of dog have legs in proportion to their body. Mostly they have docked tails. They have height of approx 10.5 inches and have weight around 5 to 7 kg’s. This breed have colors black and white, tan and white, and black, tan and white. Tenterfield Terrier has a finer build and a slightly arched skull.



These dogs are active, bright, outgoing, loyal, curious and bold. They can adapt to life with a houseful of kids and can be a good companion for an older. This breed is recommend as best dog breeds for children’s. This breed is a keen hunter and extremely loving pets. They respond well to a positive reinforcement method of training and yelling.  Tenterfield Terrier can become destructive, and noisy when they are bored. They always need a human companion. They can accompany you in waqlking, jogging, cycling, etc. They are very good retrievers, swimmers and are well obedience  dogs.


tenterfield terrier4Health Problems:

 This is generally a healthy breed, but they have some health conditions that can be a concern. They include eye problems, which is retinal dis-generation causing blindness which can be partial to total. The bitches of this breed proper care and treatment at the time of breeding . This breed catches cold easily so should be provided with warm jackets in winters

Living Conditions:

The Tenterfield Terrier are okay in an apartment. These dogs are fairly active indoors and can survive without a yard. They can manage in small yards where they can get ample space to run and excrete there energy.  They needs to be taken for a daily walk or jog.  This breed is easy to feed.They must not be over feed as they can become overweight. This breed have food cost of $5-$10.


tenterfield terrier6Grooming:

This breed have very low grooming cost. They have short and smooth coat which need to be brushed regularly. And need bath when necessary. The nails of the toes need to be trimmed so that they do not grow large. And teeth need to be cleaned in a particular interval of time. This breed shed moderates hair. They need to be taken care in winters by giving them warm jackets to protect them from getting cold. This breed loves to dig so they should be provided with ample amount of toys specially when left alone for a longer period of time span.


tenterfield terrier1Litter:

Three and four are common and larger litters risk to the bitches. 


Life Span:

12 to 14 years but can live up to 20 years



Tenterfield Terrier can be a perfect dog for you, and you can give it all the love and affection. The litter cost $250-$600.

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