Tetra Fish

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Tetra are small freshwater fishes. They belong to the biological family rosy-tetra1of “Characidae”. This family of fishes is distinguished from other family by the presence of Adipose fins between the Dorsal and Caudal fins. Tetras are primarily found in the rivers and  stream of South America and Africa. These are very active breed and are happy to live in a peace full aquarium. Many species of Tetra fishes are popular because of there bright colors. There are many different species of Tetra are available. Some of the very common and known Tetra’s are: Neon Tetra, Silvertip Tetra, Sabretooth Tetra, Bloodfin Tetra, Cardinal Tetra and many more.

Body Structure:

Tetras are no longer than 3 inches. These fish have several bones which joins inner ear and swim bladder. This enhances the hearing power of these fishes. These  fishes have compressed bodies. They have tail fin whose upper and lower lobes are of equal size. They also posses a long anal fin which starts from the lower middle part of the fish body and ends at the starting of tail fin.


In its native environment, the fish is found in water with a temperature vary of 64 to 82 °F or , a pH scale between 6.0 and 7.5, and water hardness between 1-20 dKH. The temperament where these fishes are kept must be Peaceful. And should have a swimming level from middle to top and have 10 to 30 gallons of water. Some of the products are used to control the algae and bacteria formation in the tanks.images (3)


They are mostly omnivorous however can appreciate being fed with matter like cucumber, melon and blanched spinach in conjunction with frozen bloodworms, images (2)shrimps, dried foods, live earthworms. many aquarists have mentioned that tetra’s can generally eat live plants, signs of this can be many tiny holes eaten within the leaves. Some fish can lose their timidity and settle for hand feeding while living in the aquarium. For such fishes many packed foods are available.


They mostly breed  the eggs in layers. At the time of breeding the feeding to the fishes should be given the quality diet. The water of the tank should be pH balanced and no algae or bacteria formation should be there. They can be feed with live food or the packed food is also good for there health. The food should be given at proper interval of time and a limited quantity.

Price:images (1)

The price range of tetra starts from $20 and ends up to $110. Since they are mostly of same size the price vary because of the bright colors and attractiveness. The most costly tetras are the Neon Tetra’s.




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