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Tibetan Mastiff” is the name of a Dog with heavy weight breed.It looks like a Tibetan Mastiffgigantic lion with heavy hair on the body and covered with a warm soft hair at the neck part.It has so many names as called in Asian region.For example some people use to call it as “Dokhyi”,in Nepal this dog is known as “Bhote Kukur”.Tibetan Mastiff is very famous for his powerful and attractive personality.Mastiff usually means “Big and giant” ,so it may be an accurate reason for calling this breed of dog as Tibetan Mastiff.Its an old and pet breed which are mostly preffered.These are the pets which is an asset of a family and can be a good guardian.This breed has a very great compatibility with the family so It is more compatible with allergic persons than other breeds.

Body Structure:
The Tibetan Mastiff is a large and heavy dog with solidily bone structure. The head is 25-tibetan-mastiff-670wrinkled and broad. The muzzle seems square from all sides. The nose is black and wide. The tooth are very sharp and intensive. The lower lip is usually covered by the upper  lip. The eyes looks like almond and are quite slanting, dark and intermediatery in size. The brown color eyes give a attractive shade. The V-shaped ears are like a pendant, and hang near to head. The muscular and arched neck  with a moderate dewlap looks quite strong.

In males The dewlap is more prominent than in females. The  tail is having feather and is curled above the back. The legs are also have feather type hair and looks straight. The coating on the body is doubled, immense and thick with a heavy floating hair on the neck and small sized hair on the forehead and near mouth. The color of coating usually remains  black, brown and gray, may be with or without the tanning marks and a golden shade. It can also have white shade on the hair.

The Tibetan Mastiff are categorized into two types of this breed, although these two types are born in the same litter,First is “Do-khyi” and second is “Tsang-khyi”. “Tsang-khyi ” is reffered as dog from Tsang and is can be explained as the “Monastery” type having longer and heavier bones with quite more wrinkles all over the face. The “Do-khyi” also a “nomad” type is slim with a fewer wrinkles.

Temperament :
The Tibetan Mastiff is have a courageous and fearless nature.These are even-tempered and calm dogs. They  show a great loyality to their owner’s family. Mostly they use to bark at night if left outside, but remains quiet indoors. It is an outstanding gentle guardian and is cruel and violent  against wolves, leopards or any other beast  that try to approach it. It gets mature later in life than an average breed.

Tibetan mastiffThe Tibetan Mastiff requires  a polite, confident, consistent leader or trainer  to prevent it from becoming willful and obstinate, overprotective and territorial nature. These dogs have a solid desire to prespect  their owners. They are lovable with children, but can not trust and be reserved with strangers if properly they are not socialized. It comes automatically in this Mastiff to provide guardian to  its family and their own property. It needs to be raised to adulthood in a careful and well-balanced manner. A stability , well-adjustment and training in dog is required the most.It totally depends upon the owner how he/she works on the pet’s behavior.

Tibetan Mastiffs will ignore if they sense that they are solid minded than their owners. A dog communicates his displeasure by  growling and unfortunately biting. The humans and the owner must be the ones making the decisions, not the dogs. That’s the only thing which works on your relationship with your dog and can be a complete success for you.

Physic Details :

Height: 30 inches (approximately 60- 70 cm)
Weight: 140 – 170 pounds (65 – 80 kg)

tibetan-mastiff-3_1207356957Some European owners say that the dogs can have weight up to 220 pounds (100 kg), but the majority of these dogs lies on a weight that falls in the range given above.

Health Problems:
They usually suffer from hip dysplasia, some of thyroid problems, may have skin conditions and ear infections.They can  Also suffer  by a genetic problem called Canine Inherited Demyelinative Neuropathy (CIDN), which is usually fatal. This disorders are evident in puppies between 7 to 10 weeks of age and the puppy will be passed away within 4 months of age.

The Tibetan Mastiff must be brushed on a regular interval. In the winter season the coating has an abundance of  thick hair, which sheds once in an year for a month, when the weather  seems warmer.The Tibetan Mastiff is really good for allergic persons.

Life Span:
About 15(average) or maximum 20 years.


Tibetan mastiff is one of the strongest dog breed in the world. An adult breed looks like a lion in structure due to its long hairs on the neck portion. But this one is really people friendly breed.


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