Top 10 Brave Dogs of 2013

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Let’s discuss and see the descriptions of Top 10 Brave Dogs of 2013. They are as Cunning and Intelligent.

1. German Shepherds :

The German shepherd dog Dog is well proportioned and extremely robust. The GSD features a durable, muscular, slightly elongated body with a light-weight, solid bone structure. the top ought to be in proportion to its body, and also the forehead a trifle rounded. The nose is most frequently black, however, blue or liver still do typically occur. The teeth meet in an exceedingly robust scissors bite.German-Shepherd

  • Height & Weight : Height: Males 24 – 26 inches (60 – 65 cm) Females 22 – 24 inches (55 – 60 cm) Weight: 77 – 85 pounds (35 – 40kg).
  • Living Conditions : The German Shepherd will do okay in an apartment if sufficiently exercised. They are relatively inactive indoors and do best with at least a large yard.
  • Price : The Price Varies from 10000 to 15000.

2. Rottweilers :

The sheep dog incorporates a muscular, massive, powerful body. the pinnacle is broad with a rounded forehead. The muzzle is well developed. The teeth meet in a very scissors bite. The wide nose is black. The lips square measure black and also the inside the mouth is dark. The chest is broad and deep. The coat is brief, arduous and thick. it’s black with rust to mahogany markings on the cheeks, muzzle, paws and legs.rottweiler

  • Height & Weight : Height: Males 24 – 27 inches (61 – 69 cm) Females 22 – 25 inches (56 – 63 cm) Weight: Males 95 – 130 pounds (43 – 59 kg) Females 85 – 115 pounds (38 – 52 kg)
  • Living Conditions : The Rottweilers will do okay in an apartment if it is exercised. These dogs are inactive indoors and a small yard will be sufficient.
  • Price : It varies from 15000 to 25000.

3. Golden Retriever :

The retriever may be a durable, medium-large sized dog. The os is broad and therefore the muzzle is straight, tapering slightly with a well-defined stop. The nose is black or a brown black. The teeth meet during a scissors bite. The medium to massive eyes area unit dark brown. The comparatively short ears suspend down near the cheeks. once force forward the tip of the ear ought to simply cowl the attention. The tail is thick at the bottom with rotation on the bottom.golden-retriever

  • Height  & Weight : Height: Males 22 – 24 inches (56 – 61cm) Females 20 – 22 inches (51 – 56 cm) Weight: Dogs 60 – 80 pounds (27 – 36 kg) Females 55 – 70 pounds (25 – 32 kg)
  • Living Conditions : This breed can do okay in Associate in Nursing lodging if sufficiently exercised. they’re moderately active inside and can do best with a minimum of a medium to massive yard.
  • Price : It varies from 10000 to 15000.

4. Labrador :

The head of the Labrador is broad with a moderate stop. The nose is thick, black on black and yellow dogs and brown on chocolate dogs. The nose color typically fades and isn’t thought of a fault within the show ring. The teeth ought to meet in an exceedingly scissors or level bite. The muzzle is fairly wide. The neck is proportionately wide and powerful. The body is slightly longer than tall. The short, exhausting coat is simple to worry for and water resistant. The medium-sized eyes square measure set well apart. Eye color ought to be brown in yellow and black dogs and hazel or brown in chocolate dogs.labrador

  • Height & Weight : Height: Males 22 – 24 inches (56 – 61cm) Females 21 – 23 inches (53 – 58 cm) Weight: Males 60 – 75 pounds (27 – 34 kg) Females 55 – 70 pounds (25 – 32 kg)
  • Living Conditions : Labrador Retrievers can do okay in AN living accommodations if sufficiently exercised. they’re moderately active inside and can do best with a minimum of AN average-sized yard.
  • Price : It varies from 5000 to 10000.

5. Pitbulls :

The Pit Bull directly strikes one as being a dog of power, passion and dateless disposition. The brick-like head, that’s notably broad between the cheeks (to house the powerful jaws), is carried upon a thickly muscled, well-defined neck. The neck runs into a deep, thick, well-sprung chest. the american Pit Bull is also a very muscular, stocky, even so agile dog that is very sturdy for his size. The ears unit of measurement sometimes cropped, although this may be elective. The teeth got to kind a scissors bite. Its coat is formed from thick, short, shiny hair.pitbull

  • Height & Weight : Height: 14 – 24 inches (35 – 60 cm) Weight: 22 – 78 pounds (10 – 35 kg)
  • Living Conditions : Pits can do okay in associate lodging if they’re sufficiently exercised. they’re terribly active inside and can do alright while not a yard provided they get enough exercise. Prefers heat climates.
  • Price : It ranges from 20000 to 30000.

6. Aspin :

The Askal or Aspin is that the Tagalog (Austronesian language). Some askals show non-native ancestry in their look. as an example, once crossed with spitz-type dogs, the offspring might have the everyday appearance of a domestic dog. Bred with a geographical area combine or a watchdo combine, the ensuing puppies might powerfully manifest characteristics of the parent breed.aspin

  • Height & Weight : Weight : 40-65 pounds(18-29 kg) Height : 64- 70 cm
  • Living Conditions : These breeds of dogs can survive on anything, they do not require any special treatment.
  • Price : It ranges from 3000-6000.

7. Chi-Poo :

A cross between Chihuahua and Canis familiaris is understood as Chi-Poo. Chipoos area unit tiny build with agile and spirited expression. It ought to be durable, stout and shapely. Chi-Poos posses alittle head with black nose. The body is quite tiny and ears is also either pointy or floppy. Eyes of chipoos area unit rounded with brown or black coloring. Normally, it needs daily brushing or skilled clipping. The daily brushing might keep its coat value wanting. Although, there’s not renowned health issue of this hybrid dog however typically it should vulnerable to encephalopathy.chi-poo

  • Height & Weight : The weight of Chi-Poos is 03 to twenty pounds and therefore the height is 06 to thirteen inches. The weight, height and size of the hybrid dogs principally depend upon the load, height and size of oldsters.
  • Price : It is a Costly dog breed to buy, it ranges from 50000 to 1,50000.

8. Doberman :

The pinscher could be a medium sized, squarely designed dog with a compact, muscular body. the pinnacle is long and once viewed from the aspect, sounds like a blunt wedge. the highest of the bone is flat, and turns into the muzzle with a small stop. the colour of the nose depends on the colour of the dog’s coat; black on black dogs, dark brown on red dogs, dark grey on blue dogs. The teeth meet in a very scissors bite. the colour of the rounded eyes is varied reminder brown, betting on the coat color of the dog. The chest is broad and also the legs ar dead straight.doberman1

  • Height & Weight : Height:  Males 26 – 28 inches (66 – 71cm)  Females 24 – 26 inches (61- 66 cm) Weight:  66 – 88 pounds (30 – 40 kg)
  • Living Conditions : Will do okay in Associate in Nursing flat if sufficiently exercised, however will best with a minimum of Associate in Nursing average-sized yard. Dobes ar terribly cold sensitive and don’t seem to be outside dogs. that’s why police in areas wherever it gets cold don’t seem to be able to use them.
  • Price : It ranges from 6000 to 12000.

9. Great Dane :

The Great Dane could be a big, powerful dog. sq. in body, however females could also be slightly longer than tall. The long head is rectangular in form. The muzzle is deep, with a pronounced stop. The nose is black, blue/black on blue Danes or black noticed on the harlequins.  The medium sized ears square measure set high and either  ropped or left natural. If left in their state of nature they’re accordion forward, hanging near the cheek. once cropped they stand erect and square measure giant in proportion to the remainder of the pinnacle.The tail is ready high, thicker at the bottom and tapering to some extent.great-dane

  • Height & Weight : Height: Males 30 – 34 inches (76 – 86 cm) Females 28 – 32 inches (71 – 81 cm)        Weight: Males 120 – 200 pounds (54 – 90 kg) Females 100 – 130 pounds (45 – 59 kg)
  • Living Conditions : The Great European can do okay in Associate in Nursing flat if it’s sufficiently exercised. it’s comparatively inactive inside and will best with a minimum of an oversized yard.
  • Price : It Ranges from 15000 to 25000.

10. Boxer :

The Boxer’s body is compact and powerful. the pinnacle is in proportion with the body. The muzzle is brief and blunt with a definite stop. The nose is massive and black with terribly open nostrils. The eyes square measure dark brown. The ears square measure set high, either cropped or unbroken natural. once cropped they’re trained to square au courant the pinnacle, tapering to a degree. once left natural the ears square measure skinny, falling forward, lying near the pinnacle. The neck ought to be spherical, robust and muscular, while not a tegument. The muscular front legs square measure straight and parallel once viewed from the front. the rear legs square measure well muscled.boxer

  • Height & Weight : Height: Males 22 – 25 inches (56 – 63 cm) Females 21 – 24 inches (53 – 61 cm) Weight: Males 60 – 70 pounds (27 – 32 kg) Females 53 – 65 pounds (24 – 29 kg)
  • Living Conditions : Boxers can do okay in Associate in Nursing flat if sufficiently exercised. they’re fairly active inside Associate in Nursingd do best with a minimum of an average-sized yard. Boxers ar temperature sensitive, obtaining simply hot and chilling terribly quickly.
  • Price : It Ranges from 10000 to 15000.

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