Top 10 Smallest Dog Breeds in the World

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Dog is one of the favorite pet of human. They are faithful to their masters. Human can blindly believe on them.  Everyone needs to have a smart, strong, big and healthy dog. Some of them choose dogs for their passion, some choose for affection. In this era, small dogs are very affectionate than the larger one. They look like puppies. They are the cutest dog breed ever. Their owners love them and keep them in their home. These small dogs can live happily with their masters in the home. You can take them anywhere you want. Are you excited to know about them? Are you ready to overload the cuteness in your life? I give you the top 10 smallest dog breed information below. As we all know, “Great things come in small package”. The small dogs are the best choice for your family. Take a look about them.

List of top 10 Smallest Dog breeds in the world

  1. Chihuahua
  2. Bichon frise
  3. Boston Terrier
  4. French Bulldog
  5. Pug
  6. Papillon
  7. Pomeranian
  8. Shih Tzu
  9. Toy Poodle
  10. Yorkshire Terrier 

Let us have a brief description below.

1. Chihuahua

Chihuahua is one of the smallest dog breed in the world. This breed comes under small Smooth-coated Chihuahua shutterstock_35050639and tiny dog breeds category. They are so cute and beautiful. But they have the hunting and guarding power like the large dogs. This breed is much famous among the wealthy persons. They are originated from State of Chihuahua in Maxico. This breed is slightly longer than tall. They are quite confident, self importance and self- reliance.

Height: This breed is small in size. The height of this breed dog is around 6-10 inches (15-23 cm) tall.

Weight: These are very light in weight as their size is small. Their weight is around 6 pounds.

Life Span: This dog has a life span of around 12 to 18 years.

Price: The puppy price of Chihuahua breed is Rs. 34,450/- to Rs 70,000/-.

bichonfrise_atkey2. Bichon Frise:

Bichon Frise is also a small dog which normally found in Spain, Belgium and France. They are playful, affectionate, sensitive and gentle in nature. Normally this breed comes in white colored coat with a lot of hair on the neck portion. They have the groomed tail and short legs. They have a lot of curly hairs on their body.

Height: As this breed is small, it’s height is around 9-12 inches (23-30 cm) tall

Weight: This small breed has a weight of 3 to 5 kg, which is quite low.

Life Span: The life span of a perfect Bichon Frise is around 12 to 15 years.

Price: The rate of this breed is usually Rs. 25,000/- to Rs. 50,000/-.


3. Boston Terrier:

The next smallest dog breed in the world is Boston Terrier. This breed is also called as BostonTerrierBrindleStand_wBoston bull. It originates from United States of America. The body is short and long. Their back is short and squared about the body. Their chest is deep and having a good width.  Their ears stand raise up at the time of excitement. They have a grey coat with white markings. Boston Terrier are friendly and intelligent breeds.

Height: The height of Boston Terrier is about 15 to 17 inches (30 to 50 cm).

Weight: They are normally having thin body. The weight of perfect matured Boston Terrier is 10 to 25 pounds.

Life Span: They have a life span of 11 to 15 years. A proper care for this breed may help them to live longer.

Price: The Normal Price of a Boston Terrier ranges from Rs. 37,000/- to Rs. 58,000/- .,3006684. French Bulldog:

French Bulldog is normally a muscled, smart and heavy boned dog. It’s compact structure is small, deep and broad at the chest portion. Their back is also broad with an small tail and loin. This breed  is alert, curious and interested in nature. French Bulldog are children kindly and loyal, honest, kind, brave in behavior.

Height: French Bulldog dog has a height up to 11 to 12 inches as it is a small breed dog.

Weight: The weight of a healthy French Bulldog is 10 to 13 kg. Though it is a small breed dog, but it’s body is heavy boned.

Life Span: The Life span of this breed is around 9 to 12 years.

Price: The Average price of a French Bulldog ranges from Rs. 1,40,000/- to Rs. 2,00,000/- .


5. Pug:

Pug is one of the cute and tiny dog breed in the world. It is also known as Chinese pug Pugor Dutch Bulldog. This breed has black, fawn or silver colored coat. Their chest is wide and well ribbed. They have a curled tail which is tightly place over the hip. Pug is an  intelligent, lovely, full of fun and children friendly breed. It is one kind of a fat dog. So control on its food.

Height: It is a small dog breed having height of 25 to 28 cm.

Weight: The weight of a matured Pug is 6 to 8 kg.

Life Span: The Life span of a Pug is nearly around 12 to 15 years. A proper care is needed for this breed. Do not overfeed them.

Price: The puppy price of a Pug is ranges from  Rs. 18,000/- to Rs.  25,000/- .


papillon6. Papillon:

Papillon dog breed is a small toy dog breed originated from France. They are very friendly, alert, happy and intelligent in nature. They have a very strong adaptability capacity. The head size is small with angled eye. The coat is shiny, full of hairs and fawn, white colored. They are small in size and so beautiful. They are also called as “ladies love”.

Height: The normal height of a Papillon is 8 to 11 inches.

Weight: The weight of a male Papillon is 3.6 to 4.5 kg while the female Papillon has 3.2 to 4.1 kg.

Life Span: This breed has a life span of 13 to 15 years.

Price: The price of a Papillon is around Rs. 18,000/- to Rs. 30,000/- .


7. Pomeranian:

Pomeranian is the most beautiful dog breed in the world. They are originated from pomeranian-dog-on-the-grass-photoGermany and Poland. They are very active, playful, intelligent and friendly in nature. They have a compact body with short back. They have a soft and thick coat. Their chest is deep but not wide. Body is full of hairs. The coat color is white or any light color without any  marking.

Height: The Height of a Pomeranian is 8 to 12 inches.

Weight: The weight of this breed is 3 to 7 pounds.

Life Span: The life span of a Pomeranian is 12 to 16 years.

Price: This breed is quite expensive. The price of a puppy Pomeranian ranges from Rs. 36,000/- to Rs. 50,000/- .


shih-tzu-218. Shih Tzu:

This breed is so beautiful and fully haired coat. They are also known as the Chinese Lion Dog. They are originated from China. This breed is happy, joyfull, active, alert and intelligent in nature. The body is longer from withers to tail. They have a broad chest which is deep to elbow. They have a short and strong loin.

Height: The normal height of this breed is 7.9 to 11 inches.

Weight: The weight of a matured Shih Tzu is 4 to 7.2 kg.

Life Span: The Life span of this dog breed is around 10 to 15 years.

Price: The average price of a Shihu Tzu ranges from Rs. 39,000/- to Rs. 1,50,000/- .


9. Toy Poodle:

This breed is quite similar to the Pomeranion. It is originated from Germany and Toy-Poodle-DogFrance. They are very much active, intelligent, playful and alert in nature. Their coat curly and full of hair with a lot in legs and neck portion. This breed looks like a toy. So, people call this breed as “Toy Poodle”.

Height: The height of this dog breed is not more than 10 inches.

Weight: The weight of this breed is 5 to 10 pounds.

Life Span: Toy Poodle has a life span of 12 to 15 years.

Price: The average price of a Poodle puppy is Rs. 69,000/- to Rs 1,90,000/- .


Dog Breeds10. Yorkshire Terrier:

 This breed is quite similar to the Shih Tzu breed dog. They are also called as Yorkie. This breed is originated from England. The Terrier are intelligent, active and alert in nature. Their body type is compact and and proportioned. The back is quite short. This breed gas a waterproof coat with excessive long hairs.

Height: The height of a Yorkshire Terrier breed is 7.5 to 9 inches.

Weight: The average weight of a matured Terrier is 3.5 to 8 pounds.

Life Span: Yorkshire Terrier can live up to 13 to 16 years if proper care be taken.

Price: The price for a Yorkshire Terrier ranges from Rs. 30,000/- to Rs. 70,000/- .


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