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Toucan is the bird native to the rain forests of Central and South America and the Caribbean. They have colorful bills and are among the most popular bird’s of the world. Presently there are more than 40 species of Toucans in the American jungles. They vary in size from 7 inches to approx 2 feet. They usually live in pairs. The Toucans are very necessary for the rain forest as they help in dispersing the seeds from the fruits and berries they eat. They mostly make their homes in the holes of the tree trunk.

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Toucans have short and compact body. They have round tail which vary in size. The neck is short and thick. They have small wings since they need to travel small distance only. There legs are also short rather strong. There toes are arranged in pairs with first and the fourth toe turned backward. And they have sharp bill and have saw like structure. There bill is measured to be half it body size.They mostly use there bill to squash the fruits and berries they eat. The color of the bill may be black, blue, brown, green, red, white, yellow or a combination of colors. 


These are very noisy birds. There calls sound very harsh and raspy. There voice often resemble to croaking frogs. They makes sounds like barking, croaking and growling. They sometimes makes braying sound like those of donkey’s. The voice of a female toucan is higher than that of a male.



Toucans generally lives in tropical ans sub tropical regions. They make there nest in the holes of trees.They live in a small flock of about six birds. The bright colors of the toucan gives the toucan camouflage in the colorful rain forest canopy. However, due to their bright colors, toucans are often captured and sold as pets with toucans being popular animals in the exotic pet trade. They vary from 7 inches to 2 feet in height. And weight 90 gm to 850 gm. The age of maturity of Toucans is 3 to 4 years. They have a life span to 18+ years.

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Toucans are mostly Frugivorious and occasionally Omnivorous. They mostly eat fruits and berries in the jungle but can also have insects, small lizards and prey’s. This provide additional proteins to them. For feeding there young one’s they preferably use animal food. They also eat young birds, eggs form the nest and small prey’s sometimes.


Toucans breed once in the year by laying white and glossy eggs. The incubation period of eggs is between 15 to 18 days and the eggs are also incubated by both the sex mostly by the female. They lay 2 to 3 eggs in their nest. The toucan chicks are born with small bill that don’t reach their full size for at least a few months and are completely naked. When the toucan chicks hatch, both the male toucan and the female toucan help to feed them and protect them from predators.


Toucans are iconic birds and are popular as pets. The price of Toucan ranges between $8000 to $12000.

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