The White Tiger which killed a Man

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White Tiger which killed a man at New Delhi Zoo

The white Tiger which Killed a Man at New Delhi Zoo

Recently a news became famous that white tiger named Vijay killed a man at New Delhi Zoo , By heart I am a sensitive man and although I have attached this video here taken by someone at New Delhi zoo but , I will be honest in telling you here that , I could never dare to watch that video. 

I wanted to investigate what happened and how it happened at a National zoo and what forced tiger to take this action. I have heard many times Tiger donot try to kill a man unless it feels him or her to be a threat and in general occasions they leave the place.

I went yesterday 28th sept 2014 to Nationa zoo at Pragati Maidan New Delhi to Meet vijay and investigate allegation on him. Poor Tiger , people from around 150 meters were glued to get a look

White tiger Vijay

white tiger Vijay , who killed a man at New Delhi zoo

To get first image of Vijay , I had to wait for at least 30 minutes with my camera and Vijay never showed any sign of urgency . Second picture will tell you how calmly Vijay the White tiger use to sit at its residence before getting barged. Distance from where people get first look of Vijay is at least 200 meters. I do not know what actually triggered Vijay that day but one thing is very clear

1. HE is a White Tiger , even if he is in ZOO.

2. No one is meant to disturb or barge into residential address of any one , even if you are from superior race.

I do not find any other reason. Although , I am sure that height of 12 feet is enough for zoo authorities to keep white tiger safe from other human being but its our responsibility as well to just get impressed by beauty of nature and we should not disturb nature as whole on its own. After all a tiger is a tiger and one must understand.

I tried to judge Vijay the white tiger for an hour and for few clicks of him , this sigh white tiger made me wait for more than an hour and during that observation period , I donot feel any other reason , why I would not have attacked any one who would have jumped from 12 feet to enter my house and on top of that , when its known that I am a tiger.

More over , I asked security guards at Zoo , who informed me that Vijay kept waiting for long time , so that some one may come and tranquilize him but then no one came and then it was matter of dignity of whole tiger community especially white tigers , so Vijay the white tiger showed him few of his muscles and in that process man died.

Vijay had no intention of killing , else he would have eaten his kill as tigers are known to eat their kill but Vijay only wanted to give lesson and man scummed to his injuries and fear and blame came on Vijay the white tiger. I feel my journey to Delhi zoo on 28th sept to meet Vijay was great.




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