A Yellow Rat Snake

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Yellow Rat Snake

A Yellow Rat Snake

The Yellow Rat Snake are also known as the Eastern Rat Snakes. These belongs to the Colubridae family of snakes. This family of snake is the largest family. These snakes often climbs the trees. These snakes are very slow in movement and freeze when encounter any danger in their path. While freezing they come in a ripple form which can be seen as un ironed ribbon.The scientific name of this specie of snake is Ntherophis Alleghaniensis.


Yellow Rat Snake with fizzing tongue


The Yellow Rat Snakes are medium sized snakes which tends to be 35 to 70 inches long and have the width of around 2 inches to the maximum. They are covered with scales all over the slender body with a wedged shaped head. These snakes have four well defined longitudinal strips which are present on the back and are extending to the length of the snake. The base color of these snake varies from dull to bright yellow. They posses black tongue.  They have large eyes which are round in shape. They have long tails which is pointed at the end. These snakes are non venomous, but in some it can be founded in a very little does. Traditionally they can be recognized easily by their broader head which is wider than the neck or the middle body of the snake.

Rat Snake

Yellow Rat Snake


These Yellow Rat Snake are mostly distributed in the southern Asia. The particular places where they can easily br found are:

  1. Brunei Darussalam
  2. India
  3. Malaysia
  4. Singapore
  5. Vietnam
  6. Myanmar
  7. Indonesia
  8. Thailand
  9. Cambodia

These snakes are commonly found on the places like pine lands, hammocks, marshes, agricultural fields, and residential areas. These snakes like water and are great swimmer as well. They lives near the coastal areas as rats can easily be found near the water bodies.


Yellow Rat Snake eating Rat


The Yellow Rat Snake  mostly get feed upon the hot blooded animals. The most common food of these snakes are Rat which can be judged by their name. These snakes are primarily known as rodent eaters. They also eat small lizards, mice, frogs, birds, another snakes and eggs also. The adult snakes are mainly dependent upon the rats and mice but also includes chipmunks, moles, and many other rodents to their diet.



Eggs of Yellow Rat Snake

The Yellow Rat Snake are egg layers like any other snake. they lay eggs between March and May. These males wait for a female to pass their territory for mating. As they find a female in their territory they use pheromones to communicate and initiate the matting process.  The male approaches the females snake and start warping his tail on the female body so that the vents touch nearly. They grab the females with there jaws so that the movement can be avoided. The matting process merely takes few minutes to complete. It takes almost 5 weeks for a female snake to lay a clutch of  10 to 20 eggs. The eggs are laid in hidden areas like hollow logs, leaves, or burrows which are left free by the mammals. The hatching of egg takes around 70 days. If the condition of female snake is good it may lay eggs twice in an year. The hatch-lings are commonly vigorous eaters and can eat the prey of double their size. The snakes becomes more aggressive in the breeding period. Since they are non venomous but must be avoided at the time of spring season.

Life Span:

The life span of these snakes are larger if compared to any other snake. The average life span of a Yellow Rat Snake is around 20 years.

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